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Annoying Tumblr terms

Bae - What the fuck is “bae,” is that supposed to be short for baby or something?  If so, why not just say baby?  It’s only one letter off.

Want - When someone uploads/reblogs some sweet, romantic pic of a couple in love and they reply with just “want.”  Seriously, if you can’t drum up more than that to describe how impressed you are by the sight of something, then just don’t say anything.  Responding with just “want” sounds like something an 18 month old would do at the sight of ice cream.

Tho - For example: “His shoes, tho…”  “Her butt, tho…”  A very bratty sounding way of calling attention to something.  Stop.

Swag - Ugh.  The single most annoying term of the 2010s.  Just all around cheesy and beat into the ground now.  In the words of whoever said it: "fuck your ‘swag,’ I’m dope!"

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